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Work from Home | Employee Productivity Tracking App Idea

Work from home is an undeniable reality for most of us today. Regardless of whether you are employer and employee, you’ve been thinking about how uncomfortable the shift from working in spaces to now working at home

Consumer Problem/Need

Productivity, regardless of the space, it is always a concern. Companies are constantly looking for different ways to project their numbers. If you aren’t in a space to observe what these traits unfold, it can be tough to assess whether your business model is functioning adequately or not.


This includes tracking stress levels among employees, their overall welfare and whether they are feeling adequate in their job roles or not.

As an entrepreneur, one of the key things you will always look forward to is making sure that the space given to employees is adequate, and they are comfortable no matter where they are. 

During the lockdown, the Indian IT industry made employees “Work from Home” (WFH) as per the government’s mandate. As a result, about 90% of employees worked from home with 65% of them from homes in metros and rest 35%: Source ET(Click to read the full article)

The Solution

A Virtual tracking App could be a possible solution to this digital revolution of work from home. Consider this, if there was a way you could remotely track the progress of your employees, keep a check on their productivity and motivate them whenever necessary, does it really matter whether you are in the office or not?

This will virtually erase any doubt you have about making sure employees are comfortable wherever they are. It would include specialized tracking features like monitoring mouse movement, eyeball movement, and how much they manage to complete in a given amount of time, on-screen time monitoring.


Even introducing features like tracking the movements through the help of the webcam, for instance, would help monitor the reaction time that an employee has to the workload they are given.

Through these different metrics, an employer would be able to assess whether a given the subject is following through with their deadlines or not.

All of this would be carried out with utmost safety, ensuring that neither party is using this information to their gainful advantage.

It should be implemented keeping in with the guidelines of the company’s privacy policy and the standards already established in the law. 

Of course, this goes without a saying: the privacy of the individuals involved must be respected. If practiced correctly, these virtual tracking apps could be the key to unlock improving productivity, employee relations. And in a world where everyone is working remotely, this could bring employer and employee closer than ever before.


This type of app is likely to be advantageous for more than those who come from the company’s perspective. Those who are into the development of these types of apps, namely IT companies would gain a huge advantage. Companies can tie-up with IT companies locally who are engaged in this business. An initiative such as this would help bolster the digital revolution and the already started work from home culture that has been brought on by the coming of the pandemic.


Apart from this, it can help monitor overall productivity. Bosses can plan repeated or scattered incentives for those who are showing a low response rate in relation to their productivity online.

This would help build a strong relationship between employer and employee, which would lead to a better balance in the entire ecosystem of the firm.

It could drastically help improve the communication system in the firm as well. By using the metrics above, one could immediately intervene when they see an employee struggling and assist them whenever they need it. This is important, especially considering the environment that staying at home may manifest for some employees. It could help build better support infrastructure for employees, therefore helping employers assess the general mental-health levels of their employees.




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How to Expand Your Existing Business? | Guide to free tools by Google.

We lived in an increasingly globalized world. As a result, businesses today cannot entirely hyperlocal, Business Expansion needs to happen In order to grow and sustain.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, the biggest dilemma today is figuring out how one can expand their existing business geographically. Business Expansion can be expensive, which is why many people often take months to develop a strategy to expand outside of markets of their own.

But there is one solution that is available right at their fingertips: Google Keyword Research.


Google Keyword Research, as the name suggests, is a tool whereby firms can assess trends in their sector. They can also observe consumer behavior on the internet related to their sector, among other such details. It has become an incredibly powerful tool in boosting business organically, at a very minimal cost.

After you have set up your company’s Google Analytics, accessing Google Keyword Research becomes extremely easy. But how do you start seeing results and utilizing the data available? Here’s a step-by-step guide through the process.

For the sake of explanation, let us consider your business as a simple toy store set-up. As a small business, you are likely going to need more audience coming to your establishment and hope to expand to 10 new locations by the end of the year. Here’s the first thing you need to do:

Step 1:

Use the Keyword Planner that is a part of the accessory kit of Google Trends to assess the demand for Toy stores. The results displayed will tell you where the most common spots are, and who is looking for it.

Click on “Get Search Volume and Forecast”

Step 2:

Now that you have identified these key locations, it’s time to assess whether this is a trend or is a sustained demand. To know this, you will obviously need to know the historical pattern of these areas. Set the dates back to a decade, so for instance here you can go back as far as 2004 even to see the demand. This will give you an idea of whether there has been sustained demand for toy stores in these areas, or whether there has been a spike in certain years. It will give you a better understanding on whether you should take a bet expanding here or not. 

Get historical results by clicking on All Time

Step 3:

The previous data-set will give you a key token: consumer behavior. For stores that depend on return customers, this is really important information. Analyzing the historical pattern of consumer behavior will allow you to alter your stock and inventory based on what the needs of the people currently are, and deliver exactly what they need. It will also allow you to design your Toy Store in a way that makes it easier for a customer to navigate through the premises, with ease. This way both you an entrepreneur are satisfied that you have delivered a good product, and the customer is able to shop from your store at ease. 

In order for expansions to be successful, it is extremely important that keep with the trends. By using these free Google Tools, you can also note a spike in trends and adjust your product based on them. Today, they form a huge part of businesses and are often front and center of many business models. 

People also respond to trends more impulsively. This would motivate them to make quick, spot purchases. By using Google Tools, you can introduce elements of trends in your marketing and project trends in order to grab the attention of your audience and motivate them to make impulse purchases.

Here is the list of top cities where the Keyword has been searched the most.

As entrepreneurs, our goal must always be to bring the next level to our businesses. Technologies like Google Trends and google keywords allow us to dive into the pulse of the purchaser, making us more socially aware businessmen and women: capable of delivering something of value to our consumers. 

The limits are endless when it comes to Business Expansion.

What do you think how these tools can help business to grow?


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