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How to Expand Your Existing Business? | Guide to free tools by Google.

We lived in an increasingly globalized world. As a result, businesses today cannot entirely hyperlocal, Business Expansion needs to happen In order to grow and sustain.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, the biggest dilemma today is figuring out how one can expand their existing business geographically. Business Expansion can be expensive, which is why many people often take months to develop a strategy to expand outside of markets of their own.

But there is one solution that is available right at their fingertips: Google Keyword Research.


Google Keyword Research, as the name suggests, is a tool whereby firms can assess trends in their sector. They can also observe consumer behavior on the internet related to their sector, among other such details. It has become an incredibly powerful tool in boosting business organically, at a very minimal cost.

After you have set up your company’s Google Analytics, accessing Google Keyword Research becomes extremely easy. But how do you start seeing results and utilizing the data available? Here’s a step-by-step guide through the process.

For the sake of explanation, let us consider your business as a simple toy store set-up. As a small business, you are likely going to need more audience coming to your establishment and hope to expand to 10 new locations by the end of the year. Here’s the first thing you need to do:

Step 1:

Use the Keyword Planner that is a part of the accessory kit of Google Trends to assess the demand for Toy stores. The results displayed will tell you where the most common spots are, and who is looking for it.

Click on “Get Search Volume and Forecast”

Step 2:

Now that you have identified these key locations, it’s time to assess whether this is a trend or is a sustained demand. To know this, you will obviously need to know the historical pattern of these areas. Set the dates back to a decade, so for instance here you can go back as far as 2004 even to see the demand. This will give you an idea of whether there has been sustained demand for toy stores in these areas, or whether there has been a spike in certain years. It will give you a better understanding on whether you should take a bet expanding here or not. 

Get historical results by clicking on All Time

Step 3:

The previous data-set will give you a key token: consumer behavior. For stores that depend on return customers, this is really important information. Analyzing the historical pattern of consumer behavior will allow you to alter your stock and inventory based on what the needs of the people currently are, and deliver exactly what they need. It will also allow you to design your Toy Store in a way that makes it easier for a customer to navigate through the premises, with ease. This way both you an entrepreneur are satisfied that you have delivered a good product, and the customer is able to shop from your store at ease. 

In order for expansions to be successful, it is extremely important that keep with the trends. By using these free Google Tools, you can also note a spike in trends and adjust your product based on them. Today, they form a huge part of businesses and are often front and center of many business models. 

People also respond to trends more impulsively. This would motivate them to make quick, spot purchases. By using Google Tools, you can introduce elements of trends in your marketing and project trends in order to grab the attention of your audience and motivate them to make impulse purchases.

Here is the list of top cities where the Keyword has been searched the most.

As entrepreneurs, our goal must always be to bring the next level to our businesses. Technologies like Google Trends and google keywords allow us to dive into the pulse of the purchaser, making us more socially aware businessmen and women: capable of delivering something of value to our consumers. 

The limits are endless when it comes to Business Expansion.

What do you think how these tools can help business to grow?


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Creative Offline Marketing Strategy-Unique Ad Placement | Marketing 101

Creative Marketing 101: The genesis of a good idea is often in the places you most ignore. It is only natural for us to take for granted things we see every day since we are accustomed to their routine.

The park will always be the park, the street will always be street.

But as entrepreneurs, it must be our mission to take these simple things and transform them into opportunities for our own businesses. In a similar manner, consider Cabs, Yes Cabs!


These are a staple commute for many people on an everyday basis. Many people frequent them for a number of reasons, to either go to work, school or colleges or to return home for a space of recreation.

In that small space of time when they are traveling, there is nothing to distract them other than looking outside or at their phones. But what if you gave cab commuters something interesting to look at, even if it means for a couple of minutes?

This is the power of offline marketing. While it is true that many of us spend our time online, we are extremely accustomed to seeing ads. It is very easy for a consumer to tune out and not pay attention to an advertisement they see online.

This makes offline ads more compelling in some cases. Let’s illustrate this with an example.

A couple of days ago, there was an article that came out on Yourstory which explained how two entrepreneurs successfully used print advertisements to boost their businesses: the key ingredient included cab drivers.

How did they do it?

Incentives are a strong powerful tool in marketing. These entrepreneurs immediately recognized that if they were to incentivize cab drivers to place ads in their rides, it would be an easy way to convince them to go with their plan.


So they decided to approach cab drivers that were waiting at airports for their next customer. These business pros offered the cab drivers small incentives like cigarettes or chocolates to convince them to place these ads in their rides.

This was tempting enough for the cab drivers to refuse, so most of them readily agreed to go with it.  

The Results Were Shocking

At the smallest cost margins with some print ad material and some perks like cigarettes and stuff and a creative marketing mindset, these entrepreneurs were able to successfully reach a new customer every day.

Since the ads were placed in the backseat, this was an immediate meeting point for the gaze of the customer. This way, they interacted with the ad constantly, creating a lasting image in their memory.  As a result, these entrepreneurs saw a skyrocketing margin in sales for their products, and both the entrepreneurs and customers leave happy.

What if you can take this a step further?

If this is the potential offline, print ads can have. Think about the power offline ads could have if they were digitized.

If there was a way an entrepreneur could install screens in the cabs, using a similar incentive model to the ones used by these entrepreneurs, the reach could be far more immense.

Digital ads would immerse the audience almost completely and leave a stronger lasting impression on the minds of the consumer.

In addition to being beneficial to just the entrepreneurs, as a result of creative marketing solutions, these ads could also be a big plus for cab drivers since they can use it as a portal to generate additional income.

These digital platforms could also double as a platform for awareness: it would contain valuable information alongside product ads.

This way the consumer can learn and generate a great rapport with the brand as one that not only provides good services or products, but also useful information that they could carry with them in their daily lives.

The limits are endless when it comes to creative print ad placements.

What do you think can be done to give them an edge?


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Viral Content Creation in 7 Simple Steps for your Business|Template Included

In a post-COVID-19 world, many businesses today are now focusing on social media and content marketing.

With many jobs shifting to work from home, people today have now become more dependent on technology today than ever before.

As entrepreneurs, this is our best opportunity to expand businesses with the help of inbound marketing.

Since there are more eyeballs on screens today, through many different tools we can tailor content to attract audiences who share similar tastes to our branding.

One way to achieve this is through viral-content marketing. Viral marketing is the process of creating content that has a maximum amount of reach in the shortest time possible creating maximum impact.

Viral marketing is mostly carried out on social media platforms, where the majority of people who consume content are today Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter now are responsible for capturing the pulse of not just a localized audience, but a global one.

This opens up many businesses, large or small, to pockets of audiences that they have never been before: if they get their timing right.

However, not all entrepreneurs are aware of what it takes to make the content viral for your business growth. Here are some handy tips and tricks you can use to project by developing your viral content.

1. Understand the need of your Consumer

Is there a question your consumer needs the immediate answer to? As entrepreneurs have our jobs are to seek out answers to questions that your audience has. By correctly identifying this problem through analytics or consumer behavior on the internet, you can identify a pattern of questions that your consumer is actively seeking answers for.

After this, make sure you spell out exactly what the key issues are: identify the most important problems and list them out.

Ensure that these problems are something that you, as an entrepreneur can provide innovative solutions for and not something that has an obvious answer which can be found immediately by consumers.

2.Solve the problem with innovative content solutions


Ensure that the content you develop for this audience has value addition: it is adding something to existing solutions or a completely new solution to a new or existing problem. Assure that audience that your firm has the solution for it and list out how your firm can solve it for them. This will give the consumer confidence that your venture has the solution to the problem they are looking for and need not look elsewhere for solutions.

3. Use Real Life examples

Consumers appreciate it most when they can understand how your solution will play out in their own life. Which is why it’s really important that you point out practical examples that already exist in their world, to illustrate your point further.

Using the viral marketing template given below will allow your concept to be fully absorbed in the minds and hearts of your consumer and give them clarity about your vision. 

4. Add a dash of emotion

Show your audience that you care. Ensure your audience that you are listening and care about what they are worried about by giving your content an emotional edge.

This will allow your consumers to listen to you more actively and will help bridge trust between them and your firm.

5. What’s the key take away?

Keep the message large and precise. There should be a reason why a consumer must listen to what you have to say. Every content you produce must contain a key message: for instance, in all our articles, our main focus is on how to promote entrepreneurship.

Similarly, ensure that all pieces of content you have, make a statement, and ensure it is said with clarity.

6. Connect with every story you produce


It’s really important that you as a content creator believe in what you produce. It is only when you do so, that the audience will be reassured about your message. Make sure that every piece of content you produce means something to you personally. This applies to all mediums: social media, blogs, or videos. Be passionate about the message you’re putting out for the audience to see.

7.  Use Case Studies

It’s always the best idea to use examples of how more successful businesses have been able to achieve success using a model. The best way to communicate this is through case studies. Use these practical solutions to strengthen your argument about why your solution works. This will reinforce the notion that your company knows the needs of your audience completely and has practical, feasible solutions to offer.

If you are still unsure about what entails viral content, do not worry. We will provide you valuable templates and guide you through a step-by-step process as to how to go about creating the right viral content for your business.

Download Template: