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Face Mask and Fashion needs to go together| Business Idea

We’ve all heard the phrase Prevention is better than cure. The original context of which is used while talking about health has proven to be incredibly important in the modern society we live in today. The pandemic has completely redefined what it means to be “safe”.


Consumer Need/ Problem:

The idea of using simple protective material for sanitary purposes is likely to stay on for a while, especially since many countries have mandated their use on a regular purpose. This means that there will be a perpetual requirement of these tools: masks, gloves, and other protective materials.

Masks are the most common remedy to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It is often the most accessible tool available, often even at the low price of 16 rupees, which can be used once and then disposed of. But that is of course not a solution if we are going to need them in the long-term.

While many have developed reusable cloth masks, it is not necessarily the most attractive thing to entice consumers to wear them. As entrepreneurs are our primary concern should be how do we make a protective gear like masks, both trendy and safe, for an ever-increasing, demanding audience who will look to purchase them?

The Solution: Fashionable Face Mask

For creative people and entrepreneurs, this is the perfect opportunity to meet. Artists and designers alike can collaborate and create a face mask that fulfills the criteria of being trendy, while entrepreneurs can decide how it can be made safe and functional yet fashionable.


Consider This is a company that is widely known in the Indian market for its quirky renditions of popular tv shows and movies that are trendy and are a cornerstone of pop-culture. They have risen to the occasion and correctly assessed the market’s needs for unique mask designs.

With the help of their already existing graphic team, they have pushed out a series of bold, stylish masks that use these elements.

This draws in an audience that is looking for both: a cute alternative to their dull, disposable face mask and replace them with something bold and attractive. Particularly the teen and the young adult audience are captivated by this and order them in bulk.

As we live in an era of customization, this element could be introduced into the process too. People who are looking for fun, creative masks can seek to put in their own saying, branding on the mask to make it their own.

This way it gives the product a personal touch, while not straying away from the objective of making masks interesting for folks who are looking to purchase them. 

The Conclusion:

It will require a team of ultra-creatives to pull off these kinds of masks business. Building that team that is graphically inclined, looking to create bold and innovative designs, and is aware of what is trending in the market can make the process simpler to produce.


The important decision here will be to move quickly. Considering that counts as fashion evolves at a speedy pace, it will be important to move fast and cash-in on the trend when you see it emerging.

Despite the fact that trends are fleeting and do not have longevity in the long run, it will help you build loyalty with your audience.

They will believe that you are always on top of your game and producing new designs as and when you see it. 

The important thing is that you will also be able to see these tastes evolve and tweak your designs accordingly to see the sentiments of your audience-base, who will mostly consist of teen and young adult audiences. This will also ultimately create a massive supply for the product since trending things sell fast and in large margins.

Expansion then, will also not be an issue. Once you’ve established a steady brand selling masks and other protective gear, as a brand you will then have the freedom to move onto selling in the sustainable fashion realm and improve your portfolio to include gloves and other such equipment.

Think about it, the possibilities are endless!



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