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Viral Content Creation in 7 Simple Steps for your Business|Template Included

In a post-COVID-19 world, many businesses today are now focusing on social media and content marketing.

With many jobs shifting to work from home, people today have now become more dependent on technology today than ever before.

As entrepreneurs, this is our best opportunity to expand businesses with the help of inbound marketing.

Since there are more eyeballs on screens today, through many different tools we can tailor content to attract audiences who share similar tastes to our branding.

One way to achieve this is through viral-content marketing. Viral marketing is the process of creating content that has a maximum amount of reach in the shortest time possible creating maximum impact.

Viral marketing is mostly carried out on social media platforms, where the majority of people who consume content are today Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter now are responsible for capturing the pulse of not just a localized audience, but a global one.

This opens up many businesses, large or small, to pockets of audiences that they have never been before: if they get their timing right.

However, not all entrepreneurs are aware of what it takes to make the content viral for your business growth. Here are some handy tips and tricks you can use to project by developing your viral content.

1. Understand the need of your Consumer

Is there a question your consumer needs the immediate answer to? As entrepreneurs have our jobs are to seek out answers to questions that your audience has. By correctly identifying this problem through analytics or consumer behavior on the internet, you can identify a pattern of questions that your consumer is actively seeking answers for.

After this, make sure you spell out exactly what the key issues are: identify the most important problems and list them out.

Ensure that these problems are something that you, as an entrepreneur can provide innovative solutions for and not something that has an obvious answer which can be found immediately by consumers.

2.Solve the problem with innovative content solutions


Ensure that the content you develop for this audience has value addition: it is adding something to existing solutions or a completely new solution to a new or existing problem. Assure that audience that your firm has the solution for it and list out how your firm can solve it for them. This will give the consumer confidence that your venture has the solution to the problem they are looking for and need not look elsewhere for solutions.

3. Use Real Life examples

Consumers appreciate it most when they can understand how your solution will play out in their own life. Which is why it’s really important that you point out practical examples that already exist in their world, to illustrate your point further.

Using the viral marketing template given below will allow your concept to be fully absorbed in the minds and hearts of your consumer and give them clarity about your vision. 

4. Add a dash of emotion

Show your audience that you care. Ensure your audience that you are listening and care about what they are worried about by giving your content an emotional edge.

This will allow your consumers to listen to you more actively and will help bridge trust between them and your firm.

5. What’s the key take away?

Keep the message large and precise. There should be a reason why a consumer must listen to what you have to say. Every content you produce must contain a key message: for instance, in all our articles, our main focus is on how to promote entrepreneurship.

Similarly, ensure that all pieces of content you have, make a statement, and ensure it is said with clarity.

6. Connect with every story you produce


It’s really important that you as a content creator believe in what you produce. It is only when you do so, that the audience will be reassured about your message. Make sure that every piece of content you produce means something to you personally. This applies to all mediums: social media, blogs, or videos. Be passionate about the message you’re putting out for the audience to see.

7.  Use Case Studies

It’s always the best idea to use examples of how more successful businesses have been able to achieve success using a model. The best way to communicate this is through case studies. Use these practical solutions to strengthen your argument about why your solution works. This will reinforce the notion that your company knows the needs of your audience completely and has practical, feasible solutions to offer.

If you are still unsure about what entails viral content, do not worry. We will provide you valuable templates and guide you through a step-by-step process as to how to go about creating the right viral content for your business.

Download Template: