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Work from Home | Employee Productivity Tracking App Idea

Work from home is an undeniable reality for most of us today. Regardless of whether you are employer and employee, you’ve been thinking about how uncomfortable the shift from working in spaces to now working at home

Consumer Problem/Need

Productivity, regardless of the space, it is always a concern. Companies are constantly looking for different ways to project their numbers. If you aren’t in a space to observe what these traits unfold, it can be tough to assess whether your business model is functioning adequately or not.


This includes tracking stress levels among employees, their overall welfare and whether they are feeling adequate in their job roles or not.

As an entrepreneur, one of the key things you will always look forward to is making sure that the space given to employees is adequate, and they are comfortable no matter where they are. 

During the lockdown, the Indian IT industry made employees “Work from Home” (WFH) as per the government’s mandate. As a result, about 90% of employees worked from home with 65% of them from homes in metros and rest 35%: Source ET(Click to read the full article)

The Solution

A Virtual tracking App could be a possible solution to this digital revolution of work from home. Consider this, if there was a way you could remotely track the progress of your employees, keep a check on their productivity and motivate them whenever necessary, does it really matter whether you are in the office or not?

This will virtually erase any doubt you have about making sure employees are comfortable wherever they are. It would include specialized tracking features like monitoring mouse movement, eyeball movement, and how much they manage to complete in a given amount of time, on-screen time monitoring.


Even introducing features like tracking the movements through the help of the webcam, for instance, would help monitor the reaction time that an employee has to the workload they are given.

Through these different metrics, an employer would be able to assess whether a given the subject is following through with their deadlines or not.

All of this would be carried out with utmost safety, ensuring that neither party is using this information to their gainful advantage.

It should be implemented keeping in with the guidelines of the company’s privacy policy and the standards already established in the law. 

Of course, this goes without a saying: the privacy of the individuals involved must be respected. If practiced correctly, these virtual tracking apps could be the key to unlock improving productivity, employee relations. And in a world where everyone is working remotely, this could bring employer and employee closer than ever before.


This type of app is likely to be advantageous for more than those who come from the company’s perspective. Those who are into the development of these types of apps, namely IT companies would gain a huge advantage. Companies can tie-up with IT companies locally who are engaged in this business. An initiative such as this would help bolster the digital revolution and the already started work from home culture that has been brought on by the coming of the pandemic.


Apart from this, it can help monitor overall productivity. Bosses can plan repeated or scattered incentives for those who are showing a low response rate in relation to their productivity online.

This would help build a strong relationship between employer and employee, which would lead to a better balance in the entire ecosystem of the firm.

It could drastically help improve the communication system in the firm as well. By using the metrics above, one could immediately intervene when they see an employee struggling and assist them whenever they need it. This is important, especially considering the environment that staying at home may manifest for some employees. It could help build better support infrastructure for employees, therefore helping employers assess the general mental-health levels of their employees.




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Face Mask and Fashion needs to go together| Business Idea

We’ve all heard the phrase Prevention is better than cure. The original context of which is used while talking about health has proven to be incredibly important in the modern society we live in today. The pandemic has completely redefined what it means to be “safe”.


Consumer Need/ Problem:

The idea of using simple protective material for sanitary purposes is likely to stay on for a while, especially since many countries have mandated their use on a regular purpose. This means that there will be a perpetual requirement of these tools: masks, gloves, and other protective materials.

Masks are the most common remedy to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It is often the most accessible tool available, often even at the low price of 16 rupees, which can be used once and then disposed of. But that is of course not a solution if we are going to need them in the long-term.

While many have developed reusable cloth masks, it is not necessarily the most attractive thing to entice consumers to wear them. As entrepreneurs are our primary concern should be how do we make a protective gear like masks, both trendy and safe, for an ever-increasing, demanding audience who will look to purchase them?

The Solution: Fashionable Face Mask

For creative people and entrepreneurs, this is the perfect opportunity to meet. Artists and designers alike can collaborate and create a face mask that fulfills the criteria of being trendy, while entrepreneurs can decide how it can be made safe and functional yet fashionable.


Consider This is a company that is widely known in the Indian market for its quirky renditions of popular tv shows and movies that are trendy and are a cornerstone of pop-culture. They have risen to the occasion and correctly assessed the market’s needs for unique mask designs.

With the help of their already existing graphic team, they have pushed out a series of bold, stylish masks that use these elements.

This draws in an audience that is looking for both: a cute alternative to their dull, disposable face mask and replace them with something bold and attractive. Particularly the teen and the young adult audience are captivated by this and order them in bulk.

As we live in an era of customization, this element could be introduced into the process too. People who are looking for fun, creative masks can seek to put in their own saying, branding on the mask to make it their own.

This way it gives the product a personal touch, while not straying away from the objective of making masks interesting for folks who are looking to purchase them. 

The Conclusion:

It will require a team of ultra-creatives to pull off these kinds of masks business. Building that team that is graphically inclined, looking to create bold and innovative designs, and is aware of what is trending in the market can make the process simpler to produce.


The important decision here will be to move quickly. Considering that counts as fashion evolves at a speedy pace, it will be important to move fast and cash-in on the trend when you see it emerging.

Despite the fact that trends are fleeting and do not have longevity in the long run, it will help you build loyalty with your audience.

They will believe that you are always on top of your game and producing new designs as and when you see it. 

The important thing is that you will also be able to see these tastes evolve and tweak your designs accordingly to see the sentiments of your audience-base, who will mostly consist of teen and young adult audiences. This will also ultimately create a massive supply for the product since trending things sell fast and in large margins.

Expansion then, will also not be an issue. Once you’ve established a steady brand selling masks and other protective gear, as a brand you will then have the freedom to move onto selling in the sustainable fashion realm and improve your portfolio to include gloves and other such equipment.

Think about it, the possibilities are endless!



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Tech Business Idea: Portable Sterilization Technology

In a world today where staying clean and sterilized has become a necessity, there are multiple areas where sanitation/sterilization is going unnoticed. One area that is still unexplored is the food universe. Food, like air and water, is a necessity.  

Consumer Problem/ Need:

When you are at a grocery store shopping for your essentials, there is no way to ensure that what you’re buying is safe and virus or germ-free and sterilization is done well. Especially with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Since fine particulate and contaminants are not immediately visible on these food items, making it difficult to gauge whether they are safe. 

This is a growing concern. Especially in light of recent controversies peaking up about people spitting on fresh produce, making it difficult for other consumers to access them.

Since most of these incidents happen discreetly it is difficult to continually maintain oversight for contaminants even at a store level.

So what, as entrepreneurs is the fix we can offer consumers who are seeking to know whether what they are paying for is free of any external spoil?

The Solution: Portable Sterilization Device.

UV Sterilization devices are currently popular in public space-related businesses. For instance, the airline industry actively uses them to disinfect their flights between spots.


The reason why they are preferred is that they have a very high-efficiency rate of killing germs. However, this is not limited to just businesses.

These devices have also found their way into domestic settings. Many of them are offered at a cheaper rate and with less equipment so they can be used to sanitize everything from the home to the devices present within a given facility.

What if a similar device can be used in the kitchen? This would be an easy-to-use, click of a button device that would be able to disinfect your fruits and veggies in a matter of minutes. So this way, you don’t have to resort to complicated, time-consuming processes like boiling your vegetables in order to disinfect the produce when you bring them from the store.

It would also, reduce the amount of you spent worrying about the quality of the produce: giving you control of the process so you know that what you have is 100% safe at all times.

Kent, the Indian-based purification-based company, carried a similar product in its portfolio earlier in its inception. However, it didn’t gain significant traction because the need for them was not as immediate as it is today.  

The Conclusion:

For an idea like this to work, it would have to be first perfected at the execution stage. The fundamental thing that needs to be first sorted out is the design. The device will have to be made handy and accessible. UV Sterilization devices have this image of being bulky and rather intimidating devices. These should be easy to use and require no additional element of intervention in their functioning.

The device would also need to be in an adequate price range. It should be affordable for everyone from the average household to even a small-scale business. With the right studies done to determine the exact price range would be, it would be wise to roll this out after striking a balance where the product is both profitable and useful to anybody who would require it.

While Kent has given us a start, we as entrepreneurs need to take it one level further: making a product that is not just innovative but also useful in a post-COVID-19 world when staying clean is not just optional anymore, but mandatory. 

Think about the possibilities!

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Business Idea: A Modern Shoe Spa Whose Main Focus is Hygiene and Personalisation

The world is increasingly becoming aware of a strong need for cleanliness. As the pandemic rages on, many industries and people alike are moving towards innovation in the sanitation spaces, looking for solutions that are both simple, workable, and efficient to execute.

Consumer Problem/Need:

Today, consumers are aware of the consequences of running businesses, homes, and other spaces with even the slightest contaminants. But there is one source that we are all aware that exists in our homes and that we use every day: Shoes.

Shoes are all the rage today. With even the emergence of a subculture surrounding them, sneakerheads are some of the most influential buyers present in the shoe consumer market today.


It is our job as entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between this market and the evolving needs of the society within which they live. What’s the best way we can achieve this balance?

Business Solution:

Sanitation is an important conversation to have, especially in this day and age. Considering the passion that sneakerheads to maintain their shoes, how about a service that takes care of making sure that they are sanitized without sacrificing the quality of their materials?

Shoe Laundry could instantly put that worry to rest.


It would offer services that cover multiple factors apart for disinfecting, Colour touch-ups, basic servicing, Sole repairs, Lace & insole replacement that could keep the quality of the shoe intact without compromise.

This would also help shoe lovers especially sneakerheads pimp out their old shoes and give them a fresh look while making sure they are safe to use. This would effectively reduce the contamination risk without risking the fashion appeal of a pair of your best shoes.

By including bigger, recognizable brands like Nike who are known for their iconic styles, we can push the business further.

We can invite them to print their labels on freshly customized shoes, thereby giving each pair that walks through the service a personal endearing touch. This would immensely appeal to the demographic that identifies as sneakerheads, since building shoes from scratch and giving them a personal touch is very much part of the culture.


Like any other business, at the end of the day, this boils down to marketing. The best way to bolster traction for a business like this is through creative marketing. One way this can be done is through inbound marketing: pitching the product effectively through portals like social media, and blog posts using the right metrics and tools.

The campaign would have to be visually appealing and attractive, while still being able to connect with the target audience immediately. This would help them establish an image in the market and help when they plan to expand their business. 
 Another issue with ideas in this realm is feasibility. Often ideas similar to these lack the strength to reach an execution level. This can be due to a multitude of reasons. Some of them include an inability to market it to the demographic in an appropriate and effective manner or a short-coming at the resource stage, which leads to an inability to operate on a bigger scale due to infrastructure problems while moving to a larger scale.

To fully excel, these brands will have to continue to innovate with their marketing techniques, as they are far away from saturation point. This gives them a massive arena to play in, as there are no known entry barriers to entering this market.

Which is why a large part of the plan will be to create awareness. Entrepreneurs need to educate their audience about the business with clarity, by curating the right information.

This will include putting a spotlight on issues that concern hygiene in this space, why it is necessary, and what the key benefits are of establishing a satisfactory shoe hygiene routine, especially with a raging pandemic.

The sky is the limit. But with the right tools, like aggressive marketing and good brand-building practices, this business can reach the execution stage quickly and effectively, with a good audience base backing their every move. It’s time for businesses to level up and carry the edge.

Think about how you can bring an edge to your existing business in a similar manner.

Think about the possibilities!

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Mental Health Product | Mental Fitness in Fitness Trackers

It’s evident that devices that track your physical health, especially through Snap-On wrist devices are all the rage today. There is a growing concern about risks associated with the neglect of physical health and mental fitness.

This has undoubtedly created a new market– where devices like are thriving, leading to a sharp demand for them in different markets.

Problem: Mental Fitness

Increasingly, people are taking a keen interest in putting in an effort into maintaining their physical health today more than ever.

This is because in a post-COVID-19 world we live in, the probability of having a lifestyle with little to no physical movement,

largely sedentary can have massive consequences on not just the overall health of an individual, but the quality of life that they pursue.

With the advent of accessible technology, Snap-On wrist devices, coupled with home workout videos and other such resources available make it easier for you today to change your physical behavior patterns.


In this context, consider strongly, the world we live in today.

As working from home becomes a stronger reality for the most world over, there is a growing concern over what can be immediately done to better care for mental health.

In order to be a productive individual, it is equally important to consider the circumstance of your own mental health in addition to the changes you regularly adopt for the welfare of your physical health.

Here is a article by WHO reflecting how crucial and needed it is to talk about Mental Fitness- Click Here

What are some of the parameters to consider while attempting mental health in this simple parameter?

Wrist devices often use tools like a pulse meter, for instance, to measure the heart rate of an individual, convert that to understand effectively how many calories they have burned in a session.

This gives users insight into their ability to handle workouts or endurance for short. This also allows them to make decisions on whether they should be pursuing more or less intense workouts depending on what the device accesses is their calorie burned out during one session.

However, currently, there are no such immediate metrics one can use to track their mental health with ease.

While some of these physical devices use parameters like Heart Rate Viability to assess stress levels, they are not an adequate representation or measurement of mental health.

Solution: Mental Fitness

Consider this: What if there were a device that could do the same thing, but be used as a tool to assess mental health in a similar manner?

This would allow the device to register any abnormalities and alert the user to pay more attention to these characteristics. This can be done through an elusive framework where a user’s compulsive patterns are registered and regimented with the help of AI.

While consistency is key while trying to pick up a new physical regimen that can often be a negative thing while trying to undo undesirable behavioral patterns.


For instance, if you are used to sleeping on the same side of the bed for years on end, and are attempting to undo this cycle of behavior, this handy device could alert you every time you pursued the behavior.

You would be surprised just by altering such simple daily life patterns your productivity can rise multiple folds.

It would lead to more conscious behavioral patterns and allow and individual to undo patterns that they are longing to cut off.

It could also alert the individual when they decide to pursue new, desirable patterns of behavior and encourage them to incentivize this behavior to make it a steady pattern.


This device would make individuals more mindful of their practices and encourage them to experiment with their routine so that they can be more productive in their day to day life,

which is a common issue while trying to explore the length of your limitations.

It would encourage individuals to tweak their lifestyle in order to keep things interesting no matter what and increase their day to day productivity, not just on a monthly basis, but on an everyday basis.

As the world we live in becomes increasingly smaller and limited in scope, it’s important to keep a check on not just the physical levels at which we function, but also the mental levels to be healthier and productive individuals.

Think about the possibilities!

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Startup Idea | Unwind Your Mind With This Mindful Carvaan

Entrepreneurs looking for fresh Startup Ideas or Online business ideas you’re most welcome to this fresh new blog of #ideaswithdc.

Between the pandemic, your family, and other ongoing projects, life can become stressful within just a matter of seconds.

Consumer’s problem/need:

In the midst of this, many of us can often forget to take the time out of our day, just to pamper ourselves or even secure a pace that is comfortable and calm.

It is often said, that mindfulness is a virtue, that not all of us can get.

But, with the right tools at our disposal, it needed to be very long until we reap the benefits of being in a state of calm.

The Bollywood Caravan revolutionized the way we listen to music(Especially among those who are technically less active). It created a niche that included an audience that often technology chooses to ignore,

and made it easy for people who did not grow up the technology to access nostalgia at their fingertips.

Saregama Carvaan: Image Source

With the press of a couple of buttons, you can be transported to

a universe of pure bliss—leaving behind the stress of reality and indulge yourself in memories from one of the most cherished moments of your life.

Solution for this startup idea:

Consider this: A product that can mimic the transportive nature of music, but replace it with soothing guided meditations and sounds that can help ease your yoga and meditative process.

By making it accessible with just a couple of buttons, it can fill the room with auras that promote mindfulness and can transport you to a time of deep thought and relaxation.

It will also contain several readings from masters of the craft and be available to access in multiple languages so the user may choose a language that’s comfortable for them.

Startup Ideas With Dipanshu Chauhan.

This can help you focus and rewire your thoughts and promote a state of mental calm, that makes you ready to take on the next day with renewed energy and vigor.

It will help you choose to promote your mental health first, over the rest, reminding you that health is your greatest asset in an increasingly complex world filled with uncertainty. The major audience for this idea will the adults and old age people, technically challenged, aims to be mentally and physically fit.


This Startup idea can be worked out really beautifully by crafting the right product

Even more important with the best available content to support the consumer’s mental fitness and spiritual journey

Let’s brainstorm together on this idea, don’t forget to comment down below your thoughts on this idea. For more Startup and Business Ideas Follow this space!


Innovative business idea | Know the Ingrident Label before you eat.

One of the major concerns health-conscious eaters have today is shopping for ingredients. For instance, one of the biggest hurdles is when you buy sauce blends or bases for bigger dishes that have a pre-determined combination of ingredients, with no way to assess what the ratio of ingredients in them is. 

Packaged Food Ingredients Label.


Often, this process can be incredibly time-consuming to decode, especially because packaging companies mask them under various different labels.

This is why when you’re in a situation where you need just grab something quickly off the shelf at the store to prep for dinner,

it can be quite the task and often resort to just taking a gamble on what exactly is in it. 


There is one method that could help produce a solution to such a problem.

Consider this: An App on the tip of your fingertips which can instantly not just tell you

What ingredient is in it after decoding the fancy masked named used by the companies to hide the real ingredients,

but also rate it according to how healthy and safe it is to consume. 

If powered with AI technology, this app could instantly scan the list, just like a QR code and present a user with a-

Fully detailed list of what ingredients have gone into the making of that dish, and better yet, how much of it is included

Pulling away from the smoke and mirrors the cooperation has done while printing the list on the ingredient itself.


This would help speed up the selection process of users, while allowing them to make smarter decisions at the grocery store,

With absolutely none of the painstaking process of understanding the label.

Let’s ideate how we can take this further.

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