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Creative Marketing 101: The genesis of a good idea is often in the places you most ignore. It is only natural for us to take for granted things we see every day since we are accustomed to their routine.

The park will always be the park, the street will always be street.

But as entrepreneurs, it must be our mission to take these simple things and transform them into opportunities for our own businesses. In a similar manner, consider Cabs, Yes Cabs!


These are a staple commute for many people on an everyday basis. Many people frequent them for a number of reasons, to either go to work, school or colleges or to return home for a space of recreation.

In that small space of time when they are traveling, there is nothing to distract them other than looking outside or at their phones. But what if you gave cab commuters something interesting to look at, even if it means for a couple of minutes?

This is the power of offline marketing. While it is true that many of us spend our time online, we are extremely accustomed to seeing ads. It is very easy for a consumer to tune out and not pay attention to an advertisement they see online.

This makes offline ads more compelling in some cases. Let’s illustrate this with an example.

A couple of days ago, there was an article that came out on Yourstory which explained how two entrepreneurs successfully used print advertisements to boost their businesses: the key ingredient included cab drivers.

How did they do it?

Incentives are a strong powerful tool in marketing. These entrepreneurs immediately recognized that if they were to incentivize cab drivers to place ads in their rides, it would be an easy way to convince them to go with their plan.


So they decided to approach cab drivers that were waiting at airports for their next customer. These business pros offered the cab drivers small incentives like cigarettes or chocolates to convince them to place these ads in their rides.

This was tempting enough for the cab drivers to refuse, so most of them readily agreed to go with it.  

The Results Were Shocking

At the smallest cost margins with some print ad material and some perks like cigarettes and stuff and a creative marketing mindset, these entrepreneurs were able to successfully reach a new customer every day.

Since the ads were placed in the backseat, this was an immediate meeting point for the gaze of the customer. This way, they interacted with the ad constantly, creating a lasting image in their memory.  As a result, these entrepreneurs saw a skyrocketing margin in sales for their products, and both the entrepreneurs and customers leave happy.

What if you can take this a step further?

If this is the potential offline, print ads can have. Think about the power offline ads could have if they were digitized.

If there was a way an entrepreneur could install screens in the cabs, using a similar incentive model to the ones used by these entrepreneurs, the reach could be far more immense.

Digital ads would immerse the audience almost completely and leave a stronger lasting impression on the minds of the consumer.

In addition to being beneficial to just the entrepreneurs, as a result of creative marketing solutions, these ads could also be a big plus for cab drivers since they can use it as a portal to generate additional income.

These digital platforms could also double as a platform for awareness: it would contain valuable information alongside product ads.

This way the consumer can learn and generate a great rapport with the brand as one that not only provides good services or products, but also useful information that they could carry with them in their daily lives.

The limits are endless when it comes to creative print ad placements.

What do you think can be done to give them an edge?


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