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Tech Business Idea: Portable Sterilization Technology

In a world today where staying clean and sterilized has become a necessity, there are multiple areas where sanitation/sterilization is going unnoticed. One area that is still unexplored is the food universe. Food, like air and water, is a necessity.  

Consumer Problem/ Need:

When you are at a grocery store shopping for your essentials, there is no way to ensure that what you’re buying is safe and virus or germ-free and sterilization is done well. Especially with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Since fine particulate and contaminants are not immediately visible on these food items, making it difficult to gauge whether they are safe. 

This is a growing concern. Especially in light of recent controversies peaking up about people spitting on fresh produce, making it difficult for other consumers to access them.

Since most of these incidents happen discreetly it is difficult to continually maintain oversight for contaminants even at a store level.

So what, as entrepreneurs is the fix we can offer consumers who are seeking to know whether what they are paying for is free of any external spoil?

The Solution: Portable Sterilization Device.

UV Sterilization devices are currently popular in public space-related businesses. For instance, the airline industry actively uses them to disinfect their flights between spots.


The reason why they are preferred is that they have a very high-efficiency rate of killing germs. However, this is not limited to just businesses.

These devices have also found their way into domestic settings. Many of them are offered at a cheaper rate and with less equipment so they can be used to sanitize everything from the home to the devices present within a given facility.

What if a similar device can be used in the kitchen? This would be an easy-to-use, click of a button device that would be able to disinfect your fruits and veggies in a matter of minutes. So this way, you don’t have to resort to complicated, time-consuming processes like boiling your vegetables in order to disinfect the produce when you bring them from the store.

It would also, reduce the amount of you spent worrying about the quality of the produce: giving you control of the process so you know that what you have is 100% safe at all times.

Kent, the Indian-based purification-based company, carried a similar product in its portfolio earlier in its inception. However, it didn’t gain significant traction because the need for them was not as immediate as it is today.  

The Conclusion:

For an idea like this to work, it would have to be first perfected at the execution stage. The fundamental thing that needs to be first sorted out is the design. The device will have to be made handy and accessible. UV Sterilization devices have this image of being bulky and rather intimidating devices. These should be easy to use and require no additional element of intervention in their functioning.

The device would also need to be in an adequate price range. It should be affordable for everyone from the average household to even a small-scale business. With the right studies done to determine the exact price range would be, it would be wise to roll this out after striking a balance where the product is both profitable and useful to anybody who would require it.

While Kent has given us a start, we as entrepreneurs need to take it one level further: making a product that is not just innovative but also useful in a post-COVID-19 world when staying clean is not just optional anymore, but mandatory. 

Think about the possibilities!

Comment down below if you can make this idea even more interesting.

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Innovative business idea | Know the Ingrident Label before you eat.

One of the major concerns health-conscious eaters have today is shopping for ingredients. For instance, one of the biggest hurdles is when you buy sauce blends or bases for bigger dishes that have a pre-determined combination of ingredients, with no way to assess what the ratio of ingredients in them is. 

Packaged Food Ingredients Label.


Often, this process can be incredibly time-consuming to decode, especially because packaging companies mask them under various different labels.

This is why when you’re in a situation where you need just grab something quickly off the shelf at the store to prep for dinner,

it can be quite the task and often resort to just taking a gamble on what exactly is in it. 


There is one method that could help produce a solution to such a problem.

Consider this: An App on the tip of your fingertips which can instantly not just tell you

What ingredient is in it after decoding the fancy masked named used by the companies to hide the real ingredients,

but also rate it according to how healthy and safe it is to consume. 

If powered with AI technology, this app could instantly scan the list, just like a QR code and present a user with a-

Fully detailed list of what ingredients have gone into the making of that dish, and better yet, how much of it is included

Pulling away from the smoke and mirrors the cooperation has done while printing the list on the ingredient itself.


This would help speed up the selection process of users, while allowing them to make smarter decisions at the grocery store,

With absolutely none of the painstaking process of understanding the label.

Let’s ideate how we can take this further.

Comment down below or text me on my social media handles if you can further innovate this idea. I will be more than happy to brainstorm with you on this idea!