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Business Idea: A Modern Shoe Spa Whose Main Focus is Hygiene and Personalisation

The world is increasingly becoming aware of a strong need for cleanliness. As the pandemic rages on, many industries and people alike are moving towards innovation in the sanitation spaces, looking for solutions that are both simple, workable, and efficient to execute.

Consumer Problem/Need:

Today, consumers are aware of the consequences of running businesses, homes, and other spaces with even the slightest contaminants. But there is one source that we are all aware that exists in our homes and that we use every day: Shoes.

Shoes are all the rage today. With even the emergence of a subculture surrounding them, sneakerheads are some of the most influential buyers present in the shoe consumer market today.


It is our job as entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between this market and the evolving needs of the society within which they live. What’s the best way we can achieve this balance?

Business Solution:

Sanitation is an important conversation to have, especially in this day and age. Considering the passion that sneakerheads to maintain their shoes, how about a service that takes care of making sure that they are sanitized without sacrificing the quality of their materials?

Shoe Laundry could instantly put that worry to rest.


It would offer services that cover multiple factors apart for disinfecting, Colour touch-ups, basic servicing, Sole repairs, Lace & insole replacement that could keep the quality of the shoe intact without compromise.

This would also help shoe lovers especially sneakerheads pimp out their old shoes and give them a fresh look while making sure they are safe to use. This would effectively reduce the contamination risk without risking the fashion appeal of a pair of your best shoes.

By including bigger, recognizable brands like Nike who are known for their iconic styles, we can push the business further.

We can invite them to print their labels on freshly customized shoes, thereby giving each pair that walks through the service a personal endearing touch. This would immensely appeal to the demographic that identifies as sneakerheads, since building shoes from scratch and giving them a personal touch is very much part of the culture.


Like any other business, at the end of the day, this boils down to marketing. The best way to bolster traction for a business like this is through creative marketing. One way this can be done is through inbound marketing: pitching the product effectively through portals like social media, and blog posts using the right metrics and tools.

The campaign would have to be visually appealing and attractive, while still being able to connect with the target audience immediately. This would help them establish an image in the market and help when they plan to expand their business. 
 Another issue with ideas in this realm is feasibility. Often ideas similar to these lack the strength to reach an execution level. This can be due to a multitude of reasons. Some of them include an inability to market it to the demographic in an appropriate and effective manner or a short-coming at the resource stage, which leads to an inability to operate on a bigger scale due to infrastructure problems while moving to a larger scale.

To fully excel, these brands will have to continue to innovate with their marketing techniques, as they are far away from saturation point. This gives them a massive arena to play in, as there are no known entry barriers to entering this market.

Which is why a large part of the plan will be to create awareness. Entrepreneurs need to educate their audience about the business with clarity, by curating the right information.

This will include putting a spotlight on issues that concern hygiene in this space, why it is necessary, and what the key benefits are of establishing a satisfactory shoe hygiene routine, especially with a raging pandemic.

The sky is the limit. But with the right tools, like aggressive marketing and good brand-building practices, this business can reach the execution stage quickly and effectively, with a good audience base backing their every move. It’s time for businesses to level up and carry the edge.

Think about how you can bring an edge to your existing business in a similar manner.

Think about the possibilities!

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